'The Woman' Behind Buttercups:

- A chance Bra Fitting session on a holiday in New York, is how it all began. On understanding how a perfect fitting bra changed the way she looked at lingerie and her confidence, Arpita Ganesh took on the challenge of educating women about the importance of a perfect fit through her brand, Buttercups.
- ​Being India's first Lingerie experts and having fit over ​4​000 women​ since 2009​, Arpita is rightly called the Bra Queen of India. Closely involved with the training of each fit specialist, Arpita goes all out in ​keeping a strict check on ​quality, accuracy and customer satisfaction​ in all the products​ that we have and launch and what Buttercups has come to be know for.

For Women by Women:

- From design to construction, Buttercups intimates are developed with a shared enthusiasm for perfect fits, extraordinary quality and exquisite design, by a skilled all women's workforce. At Buttercups, we're proud to announce to the world that our all women's team is doing what it takes to be a successful life changing lingerie brand​ because each woman here understands the pain points we solve, personally.​

Our Unique Bra Size Finder:

- A detailed online questionnaire based on a unique algorithm is what makes our Bra Size Finder a sure shot way to your perfect fit. That's not all, Buttercups is the first and only lingerie brand in the world that uses 5 dimensional sizing as opposed to the usual 2 dimensional sizing, to give you the "Best fits in the world"- yup, that's how dedicated we are to helping you find your perfect fit :)

Fitting room:

- Our brand is all about giving you a life changing lingerie experience. And that starts the minute you walk into our gorgeous fitting rooms. From decor to service, we go all out to make your Buttercups experience a ​personalised, ​private and beautiful one.
- Our highly trained Fit Specialists will not only help you find your perfect bra size, but also answer any lingerie related questions you may have. Apart from that, our fit specialists are also trained to suggest styles that suit your shape and size helping you look and feel beautiful, both on the inside and out.

The Buttercups experience

- Everything at Buttercups is an experience. Our designing, manufacturing, user-friendly website, packaging and product delivery - all serve a single, straightforward purpose: to bring​ you the​ best​ for you!
At Buttercups, we believe in celebrating women day in and day out. We truly believe in the saying " The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence". And that is why we work tirelessly to celebrate women of all shape, colour and size and give them their well deserved perfect fit, which in turn will help them wear their confidence in style.

Yours truly!