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To help you find your life changing 5D fit, we need you to:
a) Wear your best fitting bra    b) Have a measuring tape handy     c) Watch the video below
Now please measure yourself like the video shows to get your under bust and over bust measurements in either inches or cms, wearing your best fitting bra.
* Your monthly cycle can change the size of your breasts - Please take the quiz a few days after your cycle has ended.

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Your under bust measurement
Your over bust measurement
* Decimal readings* can be rounded off to the closest lower value for a snug fit and to the highest for a comfort fit.
Now let's find your
* If you are expecting - Please come back 6 months after you have stopped breast feeding, to find your ideal size and perfect fitting bras.
* 60% of women experience breast pain due to wearing an ill-fitted bra. Let's make sure you are not one of them.

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