The journey to empowerment begins with accepting yourself, down to the core. Along the way, great fitting intimates give you just that – a chance to feel good in your own skin. At Buttercups, my team and I don’t try to squish you into perfect body shapes. We simply encourage you to love yourself, as you are, so that you feel complete. We do this by indulging you with exquisite intimates that are crafted to fit your unique size. And with our expert fitting guidance, we ensure you that feel just as great as you look.
Not only are we all unique, but no two parts of our bodies are completely symmetrical. Take a moment to look at your hands and feet. They may look identical, but they aren’t. Each fingerprint is unique. A woman’s breasts are no different. I did a little experiment using this fascinating insight. I placed two semi-circle curves, each with a different size, against the other, and discovered that I got the letter ‘B’, with one curve, a little bigger than the other. Just like a woman’s breasts. And so I adopted this curvy alphabet as our logo to represent the Buttercups motto: to ‘Be’ ourselves. The ‘B’ in Buttercups encourages women to ‘B’ Confident. To ‘B’ Unique. To ‘B’ Themselves.
For every woman to be comfortable and happy with her body.
To give you the confidence and unbridled joy to ‘B You’. When you find and experience Buttercups Intimates that fit right on your skin, that's my mission is accomplished right there!
Arpita Ganesh

The CEO of Buttercups, Arpita, can best be described as Boss Babe.A lingerie fanatic, the brains and expertise behind the brand, she knows exactly what she wants, and how to get it. A dog lover and brewed beer connoisseur, she enjoys giving joy to every person she meets. Her agenda is simple: a happy life is a great life.
Aaditi Sinha

When she’s not busy creating interesting codes for companies like MuSigma, Poshvine and Happy Horizons, to name a few, Aaditi loves reading, cycling around the city and indulging in ‘Death by Chocolate’. An Alumni of PEC Chandigarh, Aaditi contributes her expert coding skills to offer Buttercups its superior technology edge.
Lady Maggie

Maggie was to the manor born. Quiet, dignified and regal, nothing gets past her stiff upper whisker unless it’s a mosquito, a lazy cat or a bowl of freshly cut fruit. When she’s not chasing butterflies, she sullenly attends board meetings, preferring the corner seat for snoozing in between full stops.

At Buttercups I have had the immense privilege to be supported by well-wishers, investors and advisors who've believed in the brand and its future. My investors are all accomplished individuals with years of experience in journalism, venture investing, retail, manufacturing, human resources, hospitality, marketing and business development across multiple sectors. They bring tremendous operational, entrepreneurial and venture experiences to the table and have invested deeply into the brand. They are vital to ensuring that Buttercups establishes itself as a strong brand, in India as well as globally.