How do I book a fitting appointment?
To Book a fitting appointment:
1. Visit
2. Select the Find your size dropdown on the top navigation bar
3. Click book an appointment
4. Fill in all required details and click book now
5. You will immediately receive a confirmation message and email to confirm your appointment.
Is it necessary to take a fitting appointment?
We suggest you take a fitting appointment, as we do have a lot of bookings and it’s best you have a pre-booked time.
What is a Fitting?
At Buttercups, a Fitting is an educative and interactive experience. During the Fitting, our highly trained Fit Specialists not only help you find your right Buttercups bra size, but also guide you on suitable styles for you. Our Fit Specialists even educate you on nuances such as to how to wear a bra and how to care for your intimates, besides answering any queries you may have with regard to your intimates.
How much do you charge for a Fitting?
We do not charge for a Fitting.
What is “Gift a fitting”?
“Gift a fitting” is an option for you to share the joy of perfect fit by referring it to a friend, relative or associate.
How much time does a Fitting generally take?
A Fitting takes not more than 30 - 40 mins., depending on the questions you may have and the range you may want to try.
Is the Fitting room open even during weekends?
Yes, our Buttercups Fitting Rooms are open all days of the week from 10am to 8 pm.
Can I place an order for purchase in Fitting room?
Yes, at the end of the Fitting, you can place an order for the product you wish to purchase. The order will not be given to you immediately, but delivered to the address you provide, between 5-7 working days.
What kind of clothes should I wear when I come in for a Fitting?
Wearing a T-shirt is ideal, as it is easier to look at your silhouette while trying various bra styles, but pretty much any other clothing will do too.