It’s like they say: “You find the path to life-changing journeys in the most unexpected places...”
It all started with a chance Bra Fitting session on a holiday in New York, that changed the way I feel about myself, and how I perceived my body until then. The confidence a great fitting bra of the right size gave me was unimaginable and that’s how Bras became my life.
I came back from the holiday, wanting all my friends to experience what I had - being comfortable & confident in their own bodies. A small learning class with an International brand to learn Bra fitting and everything about bras, led to my introducing the “Bra Fitting” concept to India, in 2009, with the opening Buttercups Clothing, a luxury lingerie boutique in Hyderabad, which exclusively retailed international brands such as Chantelle and Trinny & Susannah years ago. But I was light years (okay, maybe a few years) ahead of my time, and I had a bad business model, which made Buttercups Clothing fail miserably and had to shut down in 2011. But all was not lost, as the knowledge I gained from having fit more than 3000 women made me realise 3 things:
1. A bra fitting DOES change a woman’s life
2. Good bras in the right size make women confident and comfortable with their bodies
3. Quality bras in a range of sizes are an absolute necessity in India
Over the next few years I learned how to device ways to take my fitting experience online (by way of an algorithm which is now our quiz), starting with the ABTF app, India’s first bra sizing app in 2013. The idea of the Buttercups brand was finalized when I got to meet some wonderful and experienced lingerie manufacturers from Europe, but money was still a challenge, since I had none. That’s when I turned to crowd funding, which in turn lead to an Angel round and Buttercups Intimates came to life in 2014, with the brand launching a year later. B YOU, the philosophy behind the brand is the idea with which it all started – to make women comfortable with their own bodies. Today, our website and Fitting Rooms are testimonial to not only the BYOU philosophy, but we have also taken on the responsibility of educating women about bras and helping them get the perfect bra.