5D fit for bras by Buttercups

5D fit for bras by Buttercups
We've redefined bra sizing. No more Cup and Band sizes to define your perfect fit. Instead, we now use 5 instead of the 2 elements to find you your perfect fit!

Say hello to the brand new 5D fit. So what exactly is the new Buttercups 5D fit?
Well, on studying the art and science of bra sizing for years, we decided it’s time for our sizing to reflect all the 5 dimensions that we have been considering, while sizing you up.

Let's start off by telling you what the 5 dimensions are, shall we?

1. Band Size
2. Cup size
3. Shape
4. Cleavage
5. Position

Thus, 5D is a 5 dimensional sizing which is unlike the traditional 2 dimensional size of underbust and over chest (band and cup), where we take into account not only the usual 2 parameters, but also the chest shape, position and the gap between the breasts, so your size is now ONLY unique to you.
We have launched 2 styles on the 5D fit and the reviews from over a 100 women are that they have not worn anything better in their lives.

Cheers to 5D!