Strong Within


Strength is hard to spot. We most easily recognise its extreme version: great struggle and strife, followed by redemptive, happy endings. Or we are quick to identify it in its exaggerated garb, dressed up in capes, battle gear and war paint, accompanied by a rush of anger and adrenaline.

More often than not, strength is carefully cultivated as a persona. To be strong, we learn, is to hide our wounds well, behind crisp work shirts, glossy Instagram pictures and a whole lot of Alpha swagger. We suck in our aches, longings and despair, put on a brave front and get on with the business of life. On deflated, hopeless days, strength seems purely aspirational – unattainable and larger than life – conjuring images of toned abs, taut stomachs, perfect health, perfect poise, successfully-everafters, and Amazonian warriors with billowing hair.

But we only ever meet the real thing – powerful, abiding inner strength that lives within each one of us – when we run into its conjoined twin, vulnerability. Queasy, embarrassing and messy, vulnerableness seems like the opposite of everything we celebrate as strong. Most of us do our best to outsmart it and almost all of us entertain the doomed hope that If we get powerful and perfect enough, we will be  immune to the stomach-churning states of disappointment, loss, failure and rejection that being (vulnerably) human entails.

But to discover all the ways to be strong, is to subject ourselves, repeatedly, to toe-curling, hair-raising vulnerability. Core strength and resilience – the kind that lets us hold our own against the slings, arrows and guided missiles of the world – can only be felt when we give up the fantasy of being infallible and invincible and get tough enough to be weak and nervy enough to be real, soft and visible. Strength-training requires us to engage with life by taking off the protective gear of cool, curated self-images and the armour of airbrushed, self-conscious personas. And show up, unarmed, as we are; as the sum total of the crap and the magic, the fear and the possibility, and the dark and the light.

By resisting the impulse to fight or flee when we tumble into experiences where we feel exposed and seen, and wading through the shadowy places where we feel lost and unable to fit in, we unearth the superpower to be uniquely and eccentrically us, without concealment and disguise. Like some rich mineral ore, we hit upon the motherlode of our strength – our inner worth. The steady bedrock that allows us to comfortably and freely inhabit our skins with our own inherent value, beyond the vagaries of social acceptability and disapproval, expectations, comparisons, beauty standards, Twitter and Facebook followings and the swinging pendulum of career graphs, bank accounts and relationship fortunes.

And so to be strong is to navigate the swirls and eddies of daily vulnerabilities with open-heartedness, comic timing and compassion – for our own maddening frailties, and those of others. To be strong is to risk looking like a bit of an idiot, now and then, so that we can also taste the delicious states of joy, genuineness and connection that vulnerability opens us up to. But mostly, strength is the foolhardy courage to put ourselves out there, again and again – Amazonian warrior-style.

Rajita Gadagkar

For Buttercups

A gift from us to you stunning mommas

A little something from us to make your life a tad bit easier at this stage 😀 We’re thrilled to introduce to you, Mara and Juno, our brand new entrants marking the launch of our nursing range.

Easy and discrete access for nursing is a constant need from all nursing mums and that’s precisely what we focussed on, while designing our nursing tee and camisole. With a front lift for ease of feeding, that’s mostly invisible other wise, our nursing tee Mara is your go to girl when you want to combine comfort, easy access and a dose of fashion, all rolled into one.
Available in the all time favourite grey and the very popular pink, Mara is your top choice for all day comfort or an evening out.

An alternative to a nursing tee is the nursing camisole. With a similar design to ensure easy and discrete access, our nursing camisole Juno comes with adjustable shoulder straps and front lift for ease of feeding. This nursing camisole is a popular choice for new mums to lounge at home in comfort or to be paired with a jacket while stepping out of the house. Juno is also available in our all time favourite grey as well as a lovely mauve shade to add a splash of colour to your nursing wardrobe.

Buttercups nursing tees and camisoles are made of cotton to ensure maximum comfort especially at the time of feeding and are designed to make you lovely mums, look and feel fabulous at all times.

Adventures in Motherhood

Adventures in Motherhood-blog

We rarely think of mothers and heroes of adventures in the same breath. Popular culture and myth will have you believe that having babies and raising children is a largely sedate, composed affair. A pretty montage of beaming smiles and sunshiny kids, at best. Or a somewhat mundane story arc, at worst. In reality, motherhood has everything in common with raw, adrenaline-packed adventures and epic odysseys. It may seem unlikely, but mums fit perfectly into the league of adventurers who go off on big quests into the unknown, right alongside dragon slayers, explorers, mountain climbers and ancient mariners.

Every momentous journey begins with the hero (unwittingly) setting off on an adventure that will change her forever. Yanked out of the ordinary world and thrust into the wilderness – with no helpful maps or GPS to lead the way – she learns to make her way, relying on her wits, guts and faith alone. In a very similar twist, newly minted mothers are thrown out of the cocoons of their familiar lives and selves and launched into the nebulous and boundary-less state that is mumhood. An untethered world of sleep deprivation, nursing, crying infants, diapers, worry, guilt and too much advice.

Like any glorious voyage, new motherhood throws up many delights to sample along the way: the discovery of the world through the eyes of your child, stumbling into allies, kindred spirits, new powers and skills, and the pleasures of love, laughter and play. But like any bewildering, uncertain adventure worth its salt, there are doubts to wrestle with, exhaustion to battle, identities to shed or juggle, R.E.M sleep to lose and mistakes to make.

Thankfully, unexpected treasures are usually unearthed in the nick of time, after a fair amount of hand-wringing. Just when you think you’ve hit a wall, motherhood seems to throw up hidden reserves and endless supplies of endurance, toughness, tenderness, hope and humour. Just when you think you are forever doomed to be a shell of your former self, there is that mythical pot of gold that reveals itself. In this case, it is the slow blossoming of a new self; one that cobbles together bits of the old-you with lots of the new, now-you.  

All mums are different and so are their journeys. New age, old school, helicopter, tiger, eager, unconventional – motherhood in the modern world takes assorted routes. But the whole point of this grand adventure is not about performing superhero-like feats on a daily basis, being perfect or holding it all together. It’s more about marching to the drumbeat of your own instincts and showing up and being present (and enjoying yourself) – just as you are.

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9 bras that are a must have for all women!

9 bras that are a must have for all women!

  • Full Coverage Bra
  • Multi Way Bra
  • Bare Bra
  • Demi Coverage Bra
  • Lightly Lined Bra
  • Layered Bra
  • Plunge Bra
  • Sports Bra
  • Pushup Bra

Full Coverage – A 3 part bra that provides full coverage and is available in extended sizes. Classic details are added by bows on the straps and the center. Gorgeous bold lace coupled with endless comfort and support makes Nell a must have.
Multi Way – A bra that can be worn under  a halter, cross back or one shouldered outfit. Great comfort and a smooth, invisible look is what Flexi can promise you.
Bare – Made with a single mould and being completely seamless, Magik is our revolutionary backless and strapless bra that is your best bet for those tricky outfits.
Demi Coverage & Lightly Lined – A style that will separate and uplift your bust with just enough coverage, Thea is the the perfect bra for those low cut dresses and tops.